Why Smart Motion Robotics, Inc. in Sycamore, IL?

Smart Motion was founded in 1996, focusing on automation for information packaging.

In 2001, the company shifted its focus to the emerging food processing markets, specializing in the integration of turnkey robotic systems. Also in that year, Smart Motion became an exclusive integrator partner with FANUC Robotics, and has continued to grow it's expertise and install base in the Americas, always focusing on customer service and building strong relationships with our customers.

Most business leaders that compare robotic system solutions to mechanical automation and manual labor quickly come to the realization that robotics delivers reliable exacting precision for thousands of hours with minimal maintenance required. Robotics can nearly eliminate costly recurring labor costs including workman's compensation insurance, risk of claims, absences and a host of intangible costs while boosting productivity of physically challenging repetitive tasks.

As a leading robotic solutions provider, SMART MOTION ROBOTICS, INC. works with many industries to reduce costs, create efficiencies, and improve product quality. And we do something very unique in our industry in that we eliminate many of the problems business owners have when trying to automate their operations.

Robotics, as compared to fixed automation, provides businesses with options and opportunities that are not currently available. If you work in the the manufacturing, egg, pharmaceutical, or any other industry, below are some benefits you will enjoy:

  • Solid Return On Investment (ROI) - some paybacks are less than one year!
  • Flexible packaging options - most products and case sizes can be accommodated.
  • Palletizing Versatility - both boxes and bags - no job too big or small.
  • Easy to use/understand - all applications available with touch screens - no code.
  • Adaptable to change - as you need it, most robotic applications can be modified.
  • Real customer support - 24 hour hotline with the ability to speak directly with your installation technician. Your success is ours, we'll never leave you.

To find out more about robotic automation, please request one of our FREE reports, or contact us at 815-895-8550, to speak with one of our Application Team Members.

SMART MOTION ROBOTICS, INC. is an exclusive FANUC Robotics system integrator. Visit the FANUC Robotics website for more information.