Bag Palletizing

Our Bag Palletizer robot is capable of bag palletizing as speeds up to 28 bags per minute and can handle slip-sheets, pallets, and multiple bag sizes (servo controlled). Other options include automated pallet dispensing, multiple unit load storage, bar-code sorting, weight check verification, and bag flattening.

Everyone Knows that workers who bag palletize are expensive and have a high turnover. In the "old days" of automation, fixed palletizers were the only choice. Large, expensive, fixed-automation palletizers could provide high cycle rates, but there was a huge tradeoff: high costs for setup and maintenance. By comparison, low-end, fixed-automation palletizers sacrificed flexibility and speed for initial cost. Furthermore, a separate unit was typically needed for every single line.

Today, competitively priced robotic bag palletizers have very low expenditures for operation, setup and maintenance, and can handle multiple products on different lines at the same time. Robotic palletizers generate an excellent Return on Investment. Many systems create a positive cash flow from day-one!

With fixed-automation palletizers, changeovers to a new bag size often means added setup time (and cost) for retooling and adjusting equipment. Robotic bag palletizers are highly efficient and flexible, able to change or add new products with little or no operator setup. Robotic bag palletizers can simultaneously tend multiple lines, each with different products of different sizes!

Robotic bag palletizers have fewer parts than fixed-automation palletizers, making the system easier to maintain, thus providing maximum uptime. Simple to use teach pendants and software make it easy to train operators and maintenance personnel. What this means for you is a substantially lower cost to operate and maintain while positively maximizing your productivity and profits!

  • It Must Save You Money
  • It Must Be Flexible
  • It Must Be Easy to Operate and Maintain

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