Pallet Washing Solutions

One very important way is to reduce cross contamination of transport dunnage, such as pallets and dividers.

Many still use wood pallets. These cannot be completely decontaminated, and pose a significant risk of carrying disease. Many have switched to plastic pallets which can be washed, but they are heavy and difficult to handle.

Smart Motion has come up with a very innovative solution.

We have developed a robotic pallet and divider loader and unloader that eliminates the risk of worker injury. The robot loads the dirty pallets, dividers, etc., into a Kuhl washer. After load, the robot actually disinfects its tool, so that it does not contaminate the clean pallets emerging!

This method virtually eliminates the issue of cross contamination, worker injuries - and costs associated.

  • Fully Automated Pallet Washing
  • Kuhl Pallet Wash Cycle: 200 pallets per hour
  • Robot handling reduces cross contamination risk
  • Eliminates operator injury risk & Recurring Costs
  • 18-24 month Return on Investment