SmartPacker™ is the world's first truly robotic case packer for eggs.

With over 100+ installations, SmartPacker has proven itself also to be the packer of choice in the industry - with installations on all the most common graders. Now, with the introduction of the SP2X, the next innovation has come - A packer with more functionality - packing more product - more different kinds of products - in many different packs. All stainless steel construction - color touch screen control - it is truly the next generation case packer for the industry.

  • SmartPacker™ is the world's first TRUE Robotic Case Packer
  • Built by people who know robotics, with over 2 decades of experience.
  • SmartPacker™ fits many different graders, including the Diamond 8300, 8400, Innova, StaalKat, Moba Selecta, and Moba Omnia.
  • SmartPacker™ has open carton rejection available and packed case storage to keep the grader running.

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