SMARTTOPPER is a truly unique machine. It eliminates the need for manual labor to place tops on cases of packed egg flats. By utilizing robotic vision, the system can tell what cases to top, and which to bypass. It improves efficiency, and eliminates the need for manual labor - thus lowering costs.

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  • Built by people who know robotics with over 2 decades of robotics and vision experience.
  • SmartTopper™ integrates FANUC IR Vison to determine if the case entering the system is filled with cartons or flats. If cartons, the cases go straight to box taping. If flats, the cases are diverted to the SmartTopper™, and the robot automatically knows the case size, and places top flats on accordingly.
  • SmartTopper™ can place top flats on at rates of 600 cases per hour.

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